FSIS: criteria for salmonella initiative program

14-09-2007 | |

The USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service has posted the criteria for the Salmonella Initiative Program.

The program, expected to begin in October, is designed to demonstrate definite improvements in ongoing control for salmonella in broiler and turkey slaughter operations in volunteer establishments. Such establishments will have to submit a request to participate in this Program and, if selected, will operate via a waiver to existing regulations. FSIS will review requests to participate in the Program beginning September 15, 2007.
In addition, the FSIS intends to continue this Program until either a final regulation issues that incorporates the concepts of the Program into a public health based poultry slaughter inspection system, or the Agency decides to pursue a different approach to encouraging Salmonella control.
Submittal of requests to participate in the Program should be addressed to Dr Isabel Arrington: isabel.arrington@fsis.usda.gov.
For criteria and additional information on the program, click here 
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