G8 urged to consider Africa in bird flu talks

28-06-2006 | |
G8 urged to consider Africa in bird flu talks

Action Africa, a US organisation working on African affairs, has issued an action statement urging attendees at the upcoming G8 meeting to give Africa special attention in discussions about infectious disease, particularly avian influenza.

Africa Action has urged the international community to comprehensively address the threat of avian flu and the particular challenges facing public health systems in Africa and other developing regions.

The statement reads: “As they confront a possible future avian flu pandemic, the US and other G8 countries must recognise the common vulnerability of all humanity and must help to prevent, monitor, and control outbreaks in developing countries.

“The leaders of the G8 must make new commitments to develop health care systems in Africa and to support African efforts to respond to deadly public health crises, from the current HIV/AIDS pandemic to the emerging challenge of the avian flu.

“A failure to mount a serious response towards such international health threats will have serious global consequences in the future.”

For more information, read the full Africa Action Statement on Avian Influenza and Africa .