Gainco: New system for poultry processing

18-12-2008 | |

The Overhead Sizing and Distribution System from Gainco delivers superior accuracy and efficiency, along with affordability in poultry processing, says the company.

The basic system is comprised of a scale, control system, sync sensors, and bird unloaders that are used to drop the birds. Capable of running at line speeds up to 12,000 shackles per hour (200 shackles per minute), the overhead sizing and distribution system features sophisticated yet user-friendly computer-controlled operation.

The high-speed scale unit features built-in overload protection and crossed shackle protection.  Unloaders are positioned at desired locations along the overhead line, and feature fully adjustable dual guide bars to minimise product swinging. Sync sensors positioned near the unloaders utilise through-beam sensors to recount each shackle. This design feature compensates for line stretch – even on lines containing up to 2,000 shackles.

Optional system features include a missed bird detector that alerts the user to unloader mechanical problems or a programming oversight.  Also available are grade detection stations that can be positioned over the rehang table to facilitate bird grading.

Completely engineered and built in the USA, Gainco’s whole bird sizing and distribution system contains a precise yet easy-to-operate controller that incorporates components from established, well-known manufacturers.  A Windows-based PC interface allows information to be updated continuously in real time, with data stored either locally, or via local or wide area networks.

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