German federal research reorganises

14-12-2007 | |

In Germany a reorganisation of state (agricultural) research is taking place as from 1 January 2008. The existing seven federal research stations will be concentrated on four federal research institutes.

Currently the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) for its scientific advisory needs seven federal research agencies, including the Federal Research Institute for Agriculture (FAL), headquartered in Brunswick accompanied by three outdoor locations.
The tasks of FAL will be divided among three of the four future federal research institutes.
FAL is currently researching in the fields of soil / plant, animal, engineering and economics along the entire value chain from growing the raw materials up to the food.
The four future federal research institutes will each be dedicated to specific aspects of the value chain and the tasks of FAL are assigned accordingly.
The tasks of the FAL-Institute of Animal Research (animal nutrition, breeding and animal welfare and animal husbandry) will be joined at the Friedrich-Löffler Institute, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health headquartered in Grafswald in the north of Germany.
As part of the reorganisation the current research facility in Celle (close to Brunswick) will be closed. Research on animal welfare and animal husbandry will move to Mariensee / Mecklenhorst.

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