Germany: more geese, but for higher prices

04-12-2007 | |

The supply of geese and goosemeat produced in Germany is due to grow again this year. However, higher prices than a year ago are to be reckoned with.

Such are the predictions of the German market association ZMP. The higher prices are a result of higher feed costs. In 2006, on account of the avian influenza outbreak, goose production dropped 12.5% in the Federal Republic to a mere 3,500 tonnes.

Breeding the animals was only permitted under strict control by veterinarians and many small producers were forced out of the market.

In 2007, production rose to 4,000 tonnes, which does not at all cover German demand. Around 30,000 tonnes of geese and goosemeat is imported into the country – mostly from Poland and Hungary.

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