Ghana poultry industry in need of local support

03-09-2010 | |

The poultry and livestock industries in Ghana are calling for a more rationalised national economic policy that favours local producers.

Producers in Ghana’s poultry industry worry that the influx of imported poultry products threatens their jobs and is also a serious threat to national food security.

To facilitate poultry farmers in the Ashanti Region a seminar, ‘Guides for Better Poultry Management’, was jointly organised by Laprovet SAS, a France-based veterinary drug manufacturer and their local representative, Maridav Ghana Limited, a leading supplier of animal health and nutrition products.

According to the Managing Director of Maridav, Ernest Owusu-Afari, “A major challenge to local poultry farmers is the negative effects of the hot climatic conditions of the sub-region. Adverse effects of excessive exposure to high temperatures include excessive panting, poor growth and development of birds and reduced egg production and size, and lower egg shell quality.”

Equip poultry farmers
He said the capacity-building programme will equip poultry farmers with proven techniques for efficient and rewarding poultry production, adding that the company is committed to supporting farmers improve managerial practices and optimal utilisation of resources.

Later in an interview with Luv FM, Owusu-Afari noted that the unbridled poultry imports are weakening the capacity of local farmers, and in effect makes Ghana an exporter of jobs to other economies.

“Personally it is my opinion that perhaps it is a little short-sighted to open the floodgates to the extent to which we have done over the past couple of decades and in so doing we have weakened the Ghanaian poultry farmer and it’s a source of worry to us”, Owusu-Afari stated.