Global poultry panel addresses China, Russia and the EU

29-09-2010 | |

The European Poultry Club (EPC) will host an international panel discussion on the outlook for the poultry and egg market in China, Russia and the EU, on the eve of EuroTier 2010.

With renowned international speakers from the poultry and egg industry in these regions, the panel discussion is set to attract some 200 industry experts from Europe, Russia, China and other regions, with attendees coming from various sectors such as poultry housing and equipment, meat processors, poultry health experts and veterinarians, breeding companies, farmers and associations.

Poultry consultant Gordon Butland will conclude the panel discussion, which will be subsequently followed by a question and answer session. The programme also includes networking opportunities and a traditional poultry event held on the eve of EuroTier.

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