Good business resulted from AveSui in Brazil

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Good business resulted from AveSui in Brazil

AveSui has become a major trade show in Brazil. Servingthe poultry and swine businessin Latin America, this year’s show took place from 27-29 April in the Expo Centre Norte in the city of São Paulo.

By Ad Bal

Despite the outbreak of the novel influenza A virus (H1N1), or more commonly know as swine flu, the AveSui show in Brazil attracted no less than 15,000 professionals from various countries in Latin America. Around 150 companies in the field of production were present at the show, coming from 15 countries including China, the US, Canada, India, Argentina, France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. Accordingto the show organisers, plenty of businesswas done and valued over US$145 million.

Concurrent with the show, a seminar programme took place on poultry and swine production. Despite the considerable interest of internationalexhibitors and visitors, this years AveSuiwas the national edition of the show.

Next years show will take place from 10-13 May 2010 in the city of Florianopolis and is again planned to be an international edition.

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Brazil’s biggest supplier of layer cages is Kilbra. The company has been present on the market for over 34 years and exports to many countries in Latin America, but also to the US, Africa, Europe and Russia. Currently, Kilbra does not comply with EU regulations. As soon as 2012 legislation comes near, however, they will also offer an alternative system. The focus will then be on the Latin American markets.


The Ovo-jector is a product of Wings Indústria from Brazil. With the Ovo-jector in-ovo vaccinator,poultry operationshave thepossibility of reducing labourcosts and increasing flock protection. The machine vaccinates and transfers in one process. It doesn’t vaccinate empty spaces, which saves 8-15% of the vaccine. Depending on the circumstances, the machine can vaccinate up to 60,000 eggs/hour.


Manufacturers from China are exploring major markets around the globe. One such company is Big Herdsman, which supplies housing equipment such as pan feeders and drinkers for broilers, breeders and ducks. They also supply ventilation systems.


Indian Herbs are suppliers of natural ingredients for inclusion in animal feed. The company growsthe herbs and thenprocesses these into their products. A wide range are available for all kinds of species, such as BioCholine for poultry, which helps in the conversion of homocysteine into methionine.


America do Sul Equipamentos from Brazil specialises in drinkers and feeders for broilers and breeders. The company has developed a feeder pan that can be adjusted and switched off according to the bird’s size. For cleaning, the bottom can be easily opened, enabling easy access.


At Avesui, Chick Master showcased the Avida single stage setters, as well as the Heat Recovery and Energy Management Technology to the Brazilian market. The system recovers heat from the developing embryos and recycles it into the incoming hatchery air. This is achieved by removing the heat from the warmed water cooling return line using a heat recovery coil. Chick Master’s Ralph Magrans and Humberto Hernandez presented the system at the show in Brazil.


Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist