Governments of Canada and Quebec invest millions in agricultural sector

02-12-2010 | |

The Minister of Veterans Affairs and Minister of State (Agriculture), Jean-Pierre Blackburn, and the Ministre de l’Agriculture, des PĂȘcheries et de l’Alimentation and Ministre d’Affaires municipales, des RĂ©gions et de l’Occupation du territoire, Laurent Lessard, are pleased to announce an investment of nearly $60 million spread over four years.

This financial support is for the implementation of three complementary initiatives to provide adaptation measures for Quebec farmers and agri-businesses and to develop the sector.

“Our Government recognises the need to assist regional initiatives in helping farmers and agri-businesses adjust and supporting the sector’s development through major financial support. The money invested today will make the producers more competitive, create jobs and strengthen our economy on the road to growth and success,” announced Minister Blackburn.

The Initiative d’appui aux services-conseils and the Initiative d’appui à la modernisation will provide farmers and agri-businesses with targeted tools enabling them to develop and grow in a competitive business environment by improving their management capacity and making them more competitive. The Initiative d’accompagnement des secteurs dans leur développement will support producers’ associations or groups in the strategic planning and implementation of measures that promote innovation, adaptation and the value chain.

Governments committed to assisting each other
“The Government of Quebec is committed to assisting each producer in their new business environment. The additional financial assistance that we are announcing today not only provides producers with made-to-measure financial support, but also makes available new sectoral assistance that will complement Quebec’s Stratégie de soutien à l’adaptation des entreprises agricoles and ensure the development of the bio-food industry in Quebec,” said Minister Lessard.

These initiatives will receive $35 million from the federal government under the Agricultural Flexibility Fund and $23.33 million from the Quebec government under the Stratégie de soutien à l’adaptation des entreprises agricoles.

Agriculture is a core economic driver in Canada, which is why the Government of Canada is also investing in the agricultural sector through Canada’s Economic Action Plan. For more information, visit