HatchTech: Good year for hatchery humidification

17-11-2009 | |

Exactly one year ago, during the EuroTier in Germany, HatchTech introduced the U-Vaporator. HatchTech looks back at a successful first year of this innovative new product.

The HatchTech U-VaporatorTM is a humidification device that produces a constant very fine vapour of water droplets, with a size of 1 micron (30-50 times smaller than traditional sprayers). The U-Vaporator is used in both incubators as hatchers. Due to the small droplet size and the laminar airflow the embryo can issue the optimum amount of heat, resulting in outstanding and uniform chick quality.

Record sales

Although customers still have the option to choose between traditional sprayers and U-Vaporators, the company says that it they have only opted for U-Vaporator. Overall, HatchTech looks back at a total of 1000+ U-Vaporators sold. Besides new customers, also customers with running hatcheries (both HatchTech as other brands) implemented this product with satisfying results. Says the company.

Application in other areas

After the introduction of the U-Vaporator, the HatchTech research department continued monitoring the results in daily practice. They continuously confirm that the solution has a positive effect on uniform chick quality. The device is now also used in other areas of the hatchery, such as egg-storage, setter-, and hatchery corridors, and chick storage rooms. An example of this is the installation of the U-Vaporator at Cobb Elsinglane breeder hatchery in the UK were the device was installed in both incubators, hatchers and production areas.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist