Heat stable xylanase available to EU poultry producers

13-01-2010 | |
Heat stable xylanase available to EU poultry producers

Danisco Animal Nutrition has received authorisation from the EU Commission for the use of its more heat stable xylanase in broiler, layer, turkey and duck feed. Danisco Xylanase maintains efficacy after exposure to feed conditioning and pelleting temperatures of up to 90°C.

For ease of addition into vitamin and mineral premixes Danisco Xylanase is available in a highly concentrated form, containing 40,000 xylanase units/g. For accurate inclusion directly into feed, more dilute versions of Danisco Xylanase are available.

Niels Otto Damholt, Danisco’s European Regional Director commented: “Proven enzyme heat stability remains a key requirement for our customers. Our heat stable xylanase can be used easily and confidently in the vast majority of feed manufacturing processes, thereby eliminating the need to use liquid enzyme application systems for pelleted feed.”
Danisco Animal Nutrition is a business unit of global food ingredient supplier Danisco A/S (Denmark). They are specialists in the development and use of enzymes and betaine in animal nutrition.

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Ad Bal Freelance journalist