Hens produce eggs of various colours

10-05-2007 | |
Hens produce eggs of various colours

Tsai Kui-hui, an egg farmer from Changhua County, Taiwan, is known far and wide for raising hens that produce eggs that have green eggshells.

Kui-hui began focussing on research related to improving varieties of eggs. His latest achievement is being able to have his hens produce eggs with a mineral green luster, which can be compared to the colour of jade.
Kui-hui took over the family egg farming business from his father. He imported hens that laid eggs with green eggshells, and began a complex cross-breeding of specific chicken types from South America and France in an effort to improve the colour of the eggs, resulting in a more brilliant eggshell colour.
Kui-hui’s eggs are sold by the farm directly to markets. The retail price of regular eggs is about NT$27 (€0.60) per 500 grammes. However, the green eggshell eggs go for NT$150 (€3.30) per 500 grammes.
Kui-hui says it takes at least five generations of breeding to improve the look of an egg. It is only after hens lay a certain colour of egg reliably after five generations is the refinement of the species considered to have been successful.