Hong Kong top market for Thai eggs

29-10-2008 | |
Hong Kong top market for Thai eggs

China’s melamine threat increases as excessive levels have been found in Chinese eggs. Now, it is expected that Hong Kong will see an increase in eggs imported from Thailand.

Hong Kong normally imports 22-23 mln eggs a month from Thailand, but this figure is expected to see a significant rise, says Saneh Kanasuta, vice-president of the Hen-Egg Farmers, Traders and Exporters Association.

Statistics show that Hong Kong residents consume 210 eggs per capita per year. However, eggs imported from Thailand are more expensive: HK$20 per dozen, compared with HK$11-12 from China.

Saneh states that in 2007, Thailand shipped 684 containers of eggs abroad and the volume could rise to over 800 containers, with 70-80 shipped each month.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist