‘Hot’ vaccine effective against IBD in poultry

24-07-2008 | |
‘Hot’ vaccine effective against IBD in poultry

AviPro IBD Xtreme vaccine has been developed by Lohmann Animal Health against Infectious Bursal Disease – also known as Gumboro Disease – in broilers, commercial layers and breeders.

Classified as an intermediate plus ‘hot’ strain, it is highly effective against the vvIBDV (very virulent IBD virus), it breaks through high levels of maternal antibodies and controls mortality with no loss of flock performance.
Since the 1980s the acute form of IBD has caused significant economic loss to the poultry industries. The vvIBDV, a more aggressive form first described in Europe in 1986, is now widespread throughout the world and can cause losses of 30-60 per cent in layers and 5-25% in broilers.
Chicks are most susceptible between one and six weeks. Early in their lives they are protected by maternally-derived antibodies (MDAs), but these antibodies will neutralise live IBD vaccines when they are given too early. However, being highly invasive, the AviPro IBD Xtreme vaccine is able to overcome these MDAs so can be given earlier to provide greater protection from an early age.
Exact timing of vaccination depends primarily on the level of MDAs and the breakthrough titre of the vaccine on the one hand, and the virulence of the field virus and infection pressure on the other.
When compared with four of its main competitors in a trial with SPF birds AviPro IBD Xtreme outperformed them, says the company. It had the highest number of sero-positive birds, the highest mean ELISA-antibody titre seven days after vaccination and the best protection against clinical symptoms and mortality after a challenge with vvIBDV,” commented Brigitte Othmar, regulatory affairs manager at LAH.
AviPro IBD Xtreme can be applied via the drinking water or eye-drop and is presented in vials of 1,000 and 2,500 doses.
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