Hubbard establishes joint venture in Hungary

03-08-2007 | |
Hubbard establishes joint venture in Hungary

Hubbard has signed an agreement with ABONA kft to establish a joint company called “AGRABONA kft”. The company will be producing and distributing the Hubbard FLEX breeders in Hungary.

Becoming part of the existing Hubbard distribution network AGRABONA will produce Hubbard FLEX breeders not only for the Hungarian market, but also for neighbouring countries. The facilities (GP farms and GP hatchery) are located close to Budapest and are under the technical supervision and management of Hubbard SAS in France.
The Directors of AGRABONA, Jozef Nemeth and Ferenç Voroshazi, said, “Our target for 2008 is to produce close to 1.5 million breeders, and the farms will be expanded for a higher volume in 2009.”
Olivier Behaghel (GP Operations Director of Hubbard) and Jean-Louis Gac (Area Manager of Hubbard) confirm, “With this new base in Central Europe…we are increasing our capacity to fulfil the strong demand for FLEX breeders in Central Europe, South Europe and other markets outside Europe.”
(In the photo) From left to right: Jean-Louis GAC (Hubbard), Ferenç Voroshazi (Director of Agrabona) and Ferenç Komlosi (President of Abona).
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