Hygiene reforms for local Irish poultry proposed

21-02-2007 | |

Ireland’s smaller poultry operations will be included in the hygiene laws regulating the countries poultry processors, once consultation on a proposed amendment is complete.

European food safety regulations govern larger processors and suppliers of poultry, however, smaller operations escape and may be overseen by national regulators.
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has initiated a consultation period to give smaller poultry producers an opportunity to their voice opinions on the pending legislation, following the adoption of European hygiene regulations in 2006, establishing a “farm to fork” approach to food safety.
These include requirements for processors to implement and maintain procedures, based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, as well as provision for inspection.
The legislation will cover smaller poultry operations and the local supply radius, as well as the slaughter of birds on farms.
European hygiene requirements would impose additional costs on smaller producers, but research done by the FSAI shows that smaller producers understand and implement these HACCP principles already.
The proposed national regulations incorporate all aspects of poultry preparation including slaughter, plucking, carcass dressing, evisceration and delayed evisceration. Regulations will also cover cutting and boning, wrapping and packaging and the transportation of poultry meat.
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