IEC leads World Egg Day celebrations

14-10-2011 | |

Celebrations are taking place in over 60 countries around the world today, celebrating our fabulous eggs, the IEC reports.

Every year on World Egg Day, the international egg industry joins together to celebrate our wonderful egg; between us we have created beautiful recipe books dedicated to the egg, held festivals, cooking competitions, races and even produced a YouTube video about eggs. But this year, we discovered how truly wonderful our eggs and our industry really are, during the past year members of the IEC have donated over 22 million eggs to food banks, charities and schools around the world, helping to feed the hungry and underprivileged.

From its beginnings in 1996, World Egg Day has grown in stature and spread around the globe. It is now celebrated with special events in an ever increasing number of countries from the Americas to Mongolia, Australia to China and all over Europe.

Source: IEC