Ied Fitr day: Surge in poultry consumption

21-09-2009 | |

The first day after Ramadan month is called Ied Fitr day, which is a great day celebrated by Muslims all over the world. In Southeast Asia, particularly in countries where the majority of people are Muslims, Ied Fitr day is a day on which significant amounts of poultry are consumed. Chicken meat and eggs are often the main ingredients on the menus.

If we take a look at the production sector, the simple hypothesis is that Ied Fitr day could be a big opportunity for poultry farmers to increase their poultry population because based on both the trend and prediction of the years before, the price of poultry products would be higher than normal days.

Although both the trend and prediction are promising for poultry farmers, they should accurately calculate how many DOC/DOD will be reared, and ensure the market for the live birds. The reason for this is that if the number of live birds is higher than the ability of the poultry market to absorb it all, then the price will fall, and perhaps some even unable to be sold.

However, the surge in poultry products consumption will happen. Gain big profit or not, for the poultry farmers, it depends on their strategy in calculating and predicting the poultry market. So, poultry farmers must not only master the rearing management, but also master the economics and marketing of poultry and poultry products in order to ensure a profitable business.

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