Ildex Indonesia 2013 will be held in Jakarta

28-11-2012 | |
Ildex Indonesia 2013 will be held in Jakarta

Not long ago in Jakarta, VNU Exhibition Asia Pacific held a kick-off Ildex Indonesia 2013. Now this will be put into practice on 3-5 October 2013 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIE) Kemayoran, VNU Exhibition Asia Pacific will co-operate with Poultry Federation of Indonesia (FMPI) which acts as the local organiser.

Ildex Indonesia 2013 entitled “Preparing Quality and Affordable Animal Derived Foods” will occupy an indoor area of 3,994 m2 and outdoor area of 1,950 m2. It will showcase products and technologies from upstream to downstream sector, and is targeted to be visited by 5,000 visitors both local and international.

General manager of VNU Exhibition Asia Pacific, Ladda Mongkolchaivivat said, “We are interested in implementing Ildex in Indonesia because of the potential of its livestock sector that is big and continued to increase from year to year. With our experience, we believe that Ildex Indonesia will be successful.”

Mongkolchaivivat further explained that Ildex Indonesia is aimed at developing the livestock industry in Indonesia, while increasing the consumption of animal derived food products sustainably. She also added, “Ildex is different from other livestock exhibitions. Because Ildex is adjusted to the character and needs of each country.”

Director general of livestock and animal health of Ministry of Agriculture, Syukur Iwantoro, expressed support for the implementation of Ildex Indonesia 2013. “We as a government are ready to succeed Ildex Indonesia 2013. This event should be a symbol of unity of the livestock industry stakeholders in Indonesia in facing local and global challenges,” he said.

Tri Hardiyanto of FMPI stated, “Ildex Indonesia is a big dream of livestock stakeholders in Indonesia. This exhibition should be able to improve farm and processing technology in Indonesia and able to change the way of farming and marketing from traditional to a qualified and professional.”

In addition, added Hardiyanto, Ildex Indonesia should be able to educate people about the importance of consuming animal protein and able to introduce the world of animal husbandry to the younger generation.

About the concept, Hardiyanto further explained that Ildex Indonesia 2013 would promote the concept of B2B trade fair. “And will be equipped with government expo which is aimed as an opportunity for the government to deliver programs and achievements in the field of animal husbandry and animal health. Not only that, it will also be held education fair with outdoor concept, which exhibits superior livestock and festival of chicken meat and egg,” he said.