Imugene’s bird flu vaccine scores high

23-05-2007 | |

Australian company, Imugene, has achieved top results in recent trials of its bird flu vaccine.

Imugene has announced a 100% survival rate in a trial, which took place in the US, using broiler chickens, to test the avian influenza vaccine.
The first dose of the drug was injected into the eggs of the trial group, and an oral booster was then given when the chickens were seven days old.
The birds were then exposed to a H5N1 Asian strain of the avian influenza virus. None of the birds showed any signs of the disease.
Out of the eight unvaccinated birds in the trial, seven died when exposed to the virus.
Imugene managing director Dr Warwick Lamb said the company had achieved great progress, and would continue trials on the drug.
“…we have proven that Imugene’s vaccine works when administered orally as well as when injected into chicken eggs and that we can protect birds from a young age…both are major steps forward in product development.”
Dr Lamb didn’t speculate as to when the drug would appear on the market, but said Imugene was looking to licence the technology to one of the major animal health companies.
Imugene is developing two vaccines, one for broiler or meat producing birds, and the other for breeding and egg layer birds.
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