Increased production in Vietnam to meet 30% of domestic demand

12-06-2006 | |

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in Vietnam hopes that the local animal husbandry industry will meet 30% of domestic demand by 2010, producing 3.2 million tonnes of pork, 210,000 tonnes of beef, 350,000 tonnes of dairy milk, and 1.4 million tonnes of poultry meat.

This target is part of the country’s plan to develop animal husbandry in 2006-2015, which was released at a national conference on animal husbandry development in Ha Noi early in June.

Nguyen Dang Vang, Director of MARD’s Department for Animal Husbandry, said the animal husbandry industry’s average annual growth rate is higher than the level registered by the agriculture sector overall. Last year, the industry reported an 11.6% increase compared to 3.2% growth of the whole agriculture sector.

Vang also said that over recent years, the quality of animal breeds has increased and models for raising animals on farms have been formed alongside improvements in animal husbandry and animal feed processing technology.