India consigns 16,000 chickens to help Ethiopian industry

03-12-2010 | |

Indian authorities have flagged off a consignment of 16,000 day-old chicks to Ethiopia as part of a programme to introduce and breed superior quality poultry in the African nation.

The consignment from poultry breeding company, Keggfarms, consists of a variety of chicken branded “Kuroiler” that can live and thrive in the resource-poor, foraging village environment and yet produce much more meat and eggs than the existing stocks, the company said in a statement.

The initiative to supply the Kuroiler chicks came after Keggfarms was approached by Flow Equity, a US-based fund, to introduce the chicken in Ethiopia.

The Kuroiler variety is proven to be capable of expressing its genetic potential in a scavenging village habitat. Such chicken can produce up to 150 eggs, compared to 40 from other local varieties. According to the company, Flow Equity intends to ramp up their requirement to import 100,000 Kuroiler chicks per month within the next few months.

“In the larger sense it represents the potential of an Indian mindset, an Indian approach and an Indian product to play a significant role in the upliftment of the poor in Africa,” said a Keggfarms spokesperson.