India farmers at standoff over poultry

07-06-2006 | |

An unofficial ban by Jammu and Kashmir on culled chicken from Punjab, over bird flu fears, has resulted in Punjabi farmers stopping the supply of poultry feed to the northern Indian state.

According to Rajinder Mittal, spokesman for All India Poultry Farmers Welfare Association, the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister did not impose the ban on Punjab chicken but his subordinates have enforced it. And because the unofficial ban was not been lifted some Punjab farmers have imposed a symbolic ban on poultry feed to stress their dissatisfaction.

The poultry feed ban has left roughly two million chickens in Jammu and Kashmir without feed, forcing some breeders to close-down.

However, Punjabi Poultry Farmers Association says a slightest positive move by Jammu and Kashmir will have them flooding their markets with bird feed.