India: Jet Airways bans chicken meals on flights

18-01-2008 | |

Due to the bird flu outbreak, Jet Airways in India has banned on chicken on flights. Most other airlines flying from Kolkata and Guwahto have decided to serve only vegetarian meals.

 â€œWe have not banned chicken as we procure it from Mumbai,” said a senior Kingfisher Airlines official. To carry on serving non-vegetarian passengers, Air India (AI) has changed the market for obtaining chicken.

“Now, chicken will be uploaded from Maharashtra, not Kolkata,” said an AI spokesperson.

However, Jet Airways has taken chicken off the menu on flights originating from Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangkok and Dhaka – not wanting to take any risks.

According to a spokesperson, “These flights will have vegetarian lunch and dinner. For strict non-vegetarians, there is lamb and fish.”

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