Indian bird flu outbreak worsens

31-10-2012 | |
Indian bird flu outbreak worsens

The first officially acknowledged outbreak of avian influenza in India’s Bangalore region is forcing the animal husbandry department to take unprecedented stringent measures around the Central Poultry Development Organisation & Training Institute (CPDOTI) in Hesaraghatta, where the outbreak began.

Following the culling of 4,265 turkeys last week after the initial outbreak,  the state’s animal husbandry department announced the deaths of 206 chickens and 17 ducks suspected to be due to avian influenza at CPDOTI. In response, the department is now planning to cull 19,235 chickens, 13,673 ducks and 369 emus. 52 poultry sheds have also been listed for cleaning and sanitation work to prevent any possible spread of the disease.

As a precaution the Union government has notified that the area of culling of birds be extended to a radius of one kilometre around CPDOTI which is located in Byatha village in Hesaraghatta hobli. In the restricted zone, around Hesaraghatta, 81 samples have so far been collected and sent to the High Security Animal Disease Laboratory in Bhopal to confirm or eliminate suspicions of avian influenza among the chickens, ducks and emus.

Source: Daily News and Analysis