Indian eggs on the increase in Qatar

22-05-2007 | |

India has surfaced as a major exporter of eggs as Qatar faces shortages and a severe hike in the prices.

Following restrictions imposed on the import of Saudi Arabian eggs in the wake of a bird flu scare, India has emerged as a major exported to Qatar.
The insufficient supply of locally produced eggs is not meeting demand, and hence has an effect on price. A retail outlet Doha commented that the rate of a dozen cartons of local eggs (360 pieces) had gone up to QR170 (€34.63) from QR150 (€30.55) just a day before. Some outlets displayed notices apologising to customers for short supply of eggs, while others did not have any eggs at all.
Importers are not keen to receive poultry produce from overseas due to strict checks conducted by the authorities and uncertainties over their clearance, but India has emerged as a major exporter of eggs in the region.

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