Indian River Technical Association talks performance in Taiwan

28-12-2010 | |

Aviagen recently held the second Indian River Technical Association Meeting (IRTA), attracting attendees from 10 different countries across Asia.

Taking place at the Spring City resort in Taipei, Taiwan, over 25 Indian River customers, joined by Aviagen personnel, gathered to share knowledge about getting the maximum performance from their flocks and to discuss how the Indian River brand can be promoted in the future.

The meeting attracted Indian River customers from South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and India. Representatives from each country gave an update on local sales and industry conditions which helped prompt healthy discussions about best practice.

Topics covered by the speakers were, amongst others, breeder management (including male management and biosecurity) and hatchery techniques, where specialist Dr Steve Tullett gave a practical demonstration of how to properly analyse break-out debris along with other key topics. Feedback from participants was excellent and requests have been made for another event in the future.