Indian worker drowns in poultry feed mash

08-12-2011 | |

One worker died and three others had a narrow escape after they fell into slush at a poultry feed manufacturing unit at Shamirpet, near Hyderabad in India.

The accident took place at Vimala Feeds which manufactures poultry feed from maize and other ingredients.

“There are three large above-ground silos, each 10 metres high, which can store nearly 350 tonnes of feed,” fire brigade spokesman said. When maize is ground and mixed with other ingredients, the mixture turns into a mash.

When the motor of one of the silos malfunctioned, four workers went inside to investigate. The mash appeared to be hard enough to stand on. But when the quartet did, the mash suddenly gave way and they plunged in.

Other workers managed to pull two to safety. Fire services personnel arrived and with the help of other workers managed to pull out the third but the fourth man could not be saved. After flushing out the mixture from the silo, the body was retrieved.

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