Indonesia: AI hits Sidrap, South Sulawesi

15-08-2011 | |

Based on data reported by an animal husbandry official in Sidrap regency, South Sulawesi, from April to July 20, 2011, around 184,171 chickens died because of Avian Influenza (AI). That number consists of 125,605 commercial layers, 40,005 commercial broilers and 18,561 local chickens.

Head of animal husbandry in Sidrap, Muhammad Azis said that first case of AI was found in Wanio village then in Tanete village, the center of egg production in Sidrap. “Currently the case of AI has spread to 11 areas in Sidrap. We calculated that the farmers suffered a financial loss around 5 billion rupiahs,” Azis said.

Sidrap is one of the centers of commercial layer and broiler farming in South Sulawesi. 38% of 9 million chickens in South Sulawesi, consist of 3.4 million commercial layers and 2 million commercial broilers, are raised there Azis said.  

Local media reported that the case of AI has also spread to the neighbouring regencies of Sidrap such as Parepare, Pinrang, Bone, Enrekang and Wajo. 

To prevent the wider spreading of AI virus, Azis said their team has sprayed disinfectant to cut the spreading and minimised the mobilisation of chicken from outbreak areas to other clean areas.