Indonesia: Bird flu found in Brebes and Kotawaringin Barat

02-02-2012 | |

The agency of animal husbandry of Brebes district, Central Java has confirmed that the death of 88 birds recently in villages such as Terlangu, Kemaron, Kutamendala and Purwodadi was due to bird flu. Most of the birds were kampong chicken.

According to the head of animal health and veterinary public health of the agency of animal husbandry of Brebes district, Jhoni Murahman, based on random tests on the dead birds by using rapid test kits, the cause was concluded as H5N1 virus.  

Murahman predicted that during this rainy season, the number of bird flu cases would be increasing. To reduce the cases, he said that control efforts such as limiting the transport of poultry and use of disinfectants would be applied.

Based on statistical data, the population of poultry in Brebes is about 6.1 million birds consisting of 1.6 million laying hens, 2.7 million kampong chicken, 1.3 million broilers and 568,000 ducks.

Meanwhile in Kotawaringin Barat district, Central Kalimantan, another 80 birds died from bird flu, the agency of agriculture and animal husbandry of Kotawaringin Barat confirmed. To prevent the spread of the outbreak, the agency has been restricting poultry that enters its territory.