Indonesia seizes 167 poultry feed

27-09-2006 | |

Java’s Tanjung Priok Port Authority seized 167 containers of poultry feed over concerns of contamination from sick cows.

Cerah Bangun, chief investigator at the Tanjung Priok tax and excise office, said the containers, which arrived last week from Spain onboard three vessels – MSC Paris, MSC Valencia and MSC Giovanna, were seized because they contained animal parts.

The Indonesian government has a ban in place on the import of meat from Europe because of the spread of mad cow disease in Europe and the United States.

According to Cerah, samples of the shipment have been sent to the laboratory for further testing and the “feed will be rejected if it is found to have been made with the remains of sick cows”.

Cerah stressed that the containers will not be unloaded until a full investigation has been completed.

Indonesia’s director of public health and veterinary affairs at the Agriculture Ministry, Turni Rusli Syamsuddin, said the government would remain selective about giving entry to foreign meat products, particularly from Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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