Industry growth in Uganda

28-09-2006 | |

Uganda’s domestic chicken industry is experiencing strong expansion, particularly in the production of day-old chicks, meat and eggs.

Overall, demand for chicken meat is estimated to be growing by 20-25 percent per annum, while the demand for eggs is said to be growing at up to 30 percent per annum.
The construction of internationally reputable hotels, and the scheduled significant events (such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) coming up in the region, are also believed to have increased demand for chicken meat and eggs. This trend is expected to continue as more tourists consider Uganda as a holiday destination.
It is estimated that, over the past thirty six months, the number of day old chicks produced domestically has increased by nearly 50%. Ugandan commercial chicken growers say that this development has resulted in lower day-old chick prices and more stable supply.
The past ten years have also seen strong growth in the poultry feed producing sector, which has resulted in the availability of quality feed at an affordable price. The availability of high quality medicines at cheaper prices has also benefited growers.
Increasing demand for chicken meat and eggs country wide has resulted in higher prices being paid for chicken meat and eggs on the open market, which is making it possible for an ever increasing number of Ugandan chicken growers to produce at a profit.