Innovation: The driving force in modern poultry farming

01-04-2014 | |
Ad Bal Freelance journalist
Innovation: The driving force in modern poultry farming

Without innovation it would be impossible to keep pace with the growing global demand for poultry products, meat as well as eggs.

Innovation is based on in depth knowledge of growing and keeping poultry.  This applies to all aspects, such as incubation, health, nutrition, housing, processing  and so on.

Many institutes and universities , but also commercial companies around the world are continuously conducting applied research to further improve the efficiency and management of poultry. But at the end of the day, it mostly comes down to commercial parties to introduce innovative solutions and products on the market.

The upcoming VIV Europe show in Utrecht, The Netherlands this coming May, will be an excellent opportunity to introduce such new products. An overview of a selection of these products  is published in the Nr 3 edition of World Poultry which is online now.

From this overview, a number of products is highlighted in the innovations newsletter. Not just these, all other products are also worth noticing of course. This sneak preview is lifting the veil already. Come and see everything at VIV Europe.

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