Innovative way to inject brine into meat

20-01-2009 | |
Innovative way to inject brine into meat

Equimex has announced that it has acquired an innovative new way to inject brine into meat, without use of needles.

The FlavorJet uses high pressure to evenly “injet” the little cavities in between the cells in the meat. Therefore, the meat can pick up more brine, without the hassles of blisters of brine in the meat.

A big advantage is that the FlavorJet system can do whole chicken or whole legs in-line, and at speeds up to 12,000 per hour. The system can be used on bone-in as well as boneless products, thereby offering many unique product possibilities not typically available with conventional needle injection systems, says the company.

The Equimex FlavorJet will be introduced at the 2009 International Poultry Exhibition (IPE), to be held in Atlanta, from 28-30 January, 2009. Additional information will be available at the JetNet/Equimex booth #2304.

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