Innoves Animal Health hits the Indian market

17-05-2010 | |

Since March 2010, Innoves Animal Health Private Limited is a new company on the Indian animal health market.

The company’s key business assets will be dairy, poultry, and companion animal health care. In addition, Innoves will offer veterinary diagnostics (real time testing). These services would be provided through Vetlab (India’s first professionally managed private veterinary diagnostic lab) which is part of Innoves sister company Happypet Solutions Private Limited.

The products will be available in the market as of May, 2010. The dairy range will be the first introduced, after which the pet products will hit the market.

Innoves has teamed up with 3 leading manufacturing partners who have rich experience in veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturing such as CID Lines in Belgium. The expertise of CID Lines – biosecurity products – is of high demand in India where milk hygiene / food hygiene is still lacking behind.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist