International Paper announces ClimaShield Poultry launch

03-02-2011 | |

International Paper has announced the launch of its new ClimaShield™ Poultry product, a wax alternative recyclable corrugated packaging technology developed by International Paper specifically for the Poultry Industry supply chain.

ClimaShield technology allows the poultry industry to take advantage of an environmentally friendly moisture barrier that can be customised to specific environments. Corrugated containers treated with ClimaShield are 100% recyclable and can be sold into the Old Corrugated Container (OCC) recovery stream.

“International Paper is capitalising on more than 10 years of experience in wax replacement technology and over the past few years, we have implemented technological breakthroughs that have taken this expertise to a whole new level,” said Jimmy Fielding, International Paper poultry segment business manager. “We believe ClimaShield is the next logical step in meeting customer needs for petroleum based wax alternatives.”

International Paper offers a broad line of wax and wax-alternative technologies for the poultry and red meat packaging market.
“With the increasing focus on removing packaging containing petroleum-based wax from landfills, the ClimaSeries product line matches water and moisture barrier technology to the supply chain of our customers,” said Chad Fowler, International Paper protein segment marketing manager.

International Paper’s corrugated packaging business has dedicated a major portion of its resources to the poultry industry. As a result of an almost 50 year commitment, the company is one of the largest suppliers of corrugated shipping containers in the industry.

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