Inverness receives USDA license for AI test kit

22-08-2008 | |

Inverness Medical Innovations, a provider of near-patient diagnostics, monitoring and health management solutions, announces that it has received licensure from the USDA to manufacture, market and distribute the BinaxNOW® Avian Influenza Virus Type A Antigen Test Kit.

It is reported that Inverness is the only manufacturer to have two versions of their rapid antigen test kit for influenza: one USDA licensed for veterinary use and the other FDA cleared for human use.

The BinaxNOW AI Antigen Test is an easy-to-use, rapid immunochromatographic test (ICT) that detects influenza A nucleoproteins in chicken, turkey and duck samples. The company states that use of the BinaxNOW AI test enables early and accurate identification of influenza A nucleoproteins, facilitating the implementation of appropriate and cost-effective action plans. Test results are said to be available in 15 minutes.
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