InVivo NSA launched at SPACE

16-09-2009 | |

In a press conference at SPACE, French animal nutrition cooperative InVivo announced the launch of InVivo NSA, which is a result of a friendly takeover of Evialis Nutrition by InVivo, last June.

The merger between the activities of Evialis Nutrition and InVivo will be fully completed by January 1, 2010, the new chairman of InVivo NSA Patrice Gollier said. The new company will continue to include former Evialis products.

Key elements of the new company will be innovation, structure and growth. The director of the new company will be Thierry Van Vynckt; new envisaged turnover is €1.4 billion.

Nutrition and animal health
‘NSA’ is short for ‘Nutrition et Santé Animales’, French for ‘Nutrition and Animal Health’. The new company will be divided into three divisions, Gollier added. The company will be divided into the divisions complete feeds, premixes & specialties and health & hygiene.

The brand name of Evialis will not disappear, Gollier emphasised. The new company will have research stations in France, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico.

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