Iranian poultry seminar looked into the future

30-12-2008 | |

Zarbal Grandparent Company, the Ross distributor in Iran, recently hosted a two-day seminar for their customers in the historic city of Shiraz. Attended by 80 key customers, the seminar attracted guests from all across Iran.

The theme of the event was ‘Into the Future’, which meant that presentations covered a wide range of topics about the future challenges and opportunities facing the poultry industry in Iran and world-wide. 

Aviagen presenters explored a range of topics, such as breeding for the future, developments in the global poultry industry and planning together for a successful future.
In addition, the seminar provided an opportunity for guests to meet the new CEO of the Kowsar Agriculture Investment Company, Mr Moshirian and get an understanding of his vision for the business.
Largest parent stock distributor
Zarbal Grandparent Company is the biggest producer of parent stock (PS) in Iran, distributing around 6,500,000 Ross PS per year.
Mr Ghorbani, Managing Director of Zarbal GP Company, gave an insight into the company’s investment programme, which includes a hatchery, Grand Parent (GP) farm and feed mill to increase production capacity and further improve the operation.
A new 35-hectare GP farm in Rasht was acquired in February 2005 and was refurbished using state-of-the-art equipment.
Zarbal has heavily invested in this new GP facility which is capable of producing approximately 2,000,000 PS annually.
The new GP Hatchery is to be located close to the farm in Rasht and the investment into the hatchery runs to approx. seven million dollars. The hatchery is due to be operational in early 2010 and will have a production capacity of around 24,000,000 eggs per year.
John Maguire, Ross Sales Manager for the Middle East & Africa, said: “The market in Iran is very important. Through close planning with our distributor partner Zarbal we are very positive about our future. Already good management […] has led to Ross taking over three quarters of the market here, a tremendous result for all involved with the brand.”