Ireland: high level of bio-security on poultry farms

06-12-2007 | |

According to IFA National Poultry Committee Chairman Ned Morrissey, flock owners in Ireland operate the highest levels of bio-security measures to avoid any exposure to wild birds.

Morrissey continued in saying that producers in the country have implemented extra measures, including the installation of water chlorination systems to ensure the health status of their flocks is protected.
“Consumers can be re-assured that there is no risk when buying Irish poultry because it is fully traceable and quality assured. The Department of Agriculture must move to extend country-of-origin labeling to all meat products. Had this legislation been introduced a year ago, it would have avoided any confusion about the origin of products affected by avian flu,” he said, adding that Ireland has never been hit by AI, which is a testament to the high production standards of poultry producers who observe the most stringent bio-security controls at all times.