ISA eliminates fishy taint in eggs

30-05-2008 | |

ISA (Institut de Selection Animale), the layer breeding division of Henrix Genetics, has developed the techniques and obtained the exclusive rights to perform a genetic testing procedure to eliminate the fishy taint in eggs caused by TMA in layers.

The large-scale screening programme of ISA Pue Lines (PL) has already resulted in the elimination of the fishy taint phenotype in these lines.
The company states that 100% of the Grand Parents (GPS) placed within ISA after January 2008 are also free of the fishy taint phenotype, enabling the ISA organisation to deliver Parent Stock (PS) flocks to her clients producing commercial layers without any sensitivity of TMA gene.
The first PS flock which will deliver commercial layers producing 100% fishy taint-free eggs was placed in May this year.

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