Itec awarded order for InterChicken crate handling and sorting

30-09-2008 | |

ITEC Systems BV in the Netherlands has been awarded an order involving millions of Euros for the development and delivery of a state-of-the-art crate handling and sorting system for packaged chicken products.

The system, consisting of ‘bearing’ transport for order picked crate stacks, lift systems with receipt transport buffer, destacking systems for crates, followed by an unloading station for the small packs. These packs are conveyed to a weighing and labelling unit, after which the labelled product will be conveyed fully automatic to a sorting system with a large number of customer positions.
From the sorting system, the filled crates are conveyed to a crate stacking station where the crates are stacked. By means of the crate stacking shuttle, the completed stacks are automatically conveyed to a lift for 2 crate stacks, and are subsequently placed in the expedition area, ready for transportation.
InterChicken is a supplier of a complete assortment of chicken and poultry products.