Jamaica self-sufficient for eggs

27-10-2006 | |

Jamaica now produces more than 400,000 eggs being every day, enough to meet the demands of the local market, according to president of the Jamaica Egg Farmers Association (JEFA), Mark Campbell.

To cope with the increased load, a new egg pasteurising plant, which is being built at a cost of $35 million, is to be opened by the end of November.
The new plant will enable the JEFA to meet the demands in the tourism sector for pasteurised eggs. This, he said, will meet the necessary food safety requirement and reduce food borne diseases that is required in the hotel sector.
He said JEFA members currently owned more than 500,000 layers.
But while production is at its highest level to date, local demand for eggs is not comparatively high. Mr Campbell pointed out that Jamaicans consume less than one egg per person each week, which is lower than other countries in the Caribbean. In countries such as Japan, the US and the UK, an average of six or seven eggs per person are consumed weekly.
To increase local consumption, JEFA will be launching a major marketing programme, targeting schools, to promote the benefits of eggs.