Japan: Hubbard and I.P. Tsusho sign agreement

29-06-2009 | |

Hubbard has announces that they have signed an agreement with I.P. Tsusho Co., Ltd. in Japan covering an exclusive sales representation and a Grand Parent agreement for the Hubbard Flex in Japan.

David Fyfe, Hubbard Business Director Asia: “The I.P. Tsusho company has been closely involved in the development of the Hubbard Flex in Japan. We are very confident that I.P. Tsusho will be able to develop the sales of the Hubbard Flex in the Japanese market, so that Hubbard will very soon become one of the major suppliers of conventional broiler breeding stock in Japan.”

Masahiro Takeuchi, CEO and President of I.P. Tsusho Co: “We have completed a full set of field evaluations on breeder, commercial broiler and processing level. These extensive field trials have proven that the Hubbard Flex is very competitive and suits the specific needs of the Japanese market very well. Therefore we have decided to bring the sales and distribution in Japan to the next level through an exclusive representation of the Hubbard Flex for Japan.”

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