Kabir Chicks founder Zvi Katz passes away

11-01-2012 | |
Kabir Chicks founder Zvi Katz passes away

Zvi Katz, founder and president of Kabir Chicks Ltd. passed away on January 1st, 2012, at the age of 84. Katz had a full creative life, and retired from the Israeli company about a decade ago due to health problems. His son, Josef, who worked with his father almost 30 years, took over the company in 2000.

Katz dedicated himself to poultry breeding. During 55 years of breeding work he saw his mission in achieving progress and profitability in industrial production while preserving and improving the bird’s natural health and quality traits. His motto was keeping the delicate balance between economic traits and beneficial natural traits, in order to enable maximum expression and yield of the bird’s genetic potential. Katz has realized his vision by developing and using unique low-cost breeding methods.

Some of Katz’s most remarkable breeding breakthroughs were quantitative egg production in breeder females together with outstanding fertility and activity of the broiler breeder males, traits which, according to the conventional breeding concept, are negatively correlated. Already in the early 60’s Katz understood the need for separate growing of broilers due to the different dietary requirements of male and female and then developed the colour feather sex.

In the beginning of the 60’s Katz established the first poultry integration in Israel – from breeder to the consumer. In the following decade he concentrated his breeding and production efforts in the international market.

Katz has won international recognition for his poultry breeding achievements in health and quality as well as meat taste and low fat traits. His highly resistant broiler breeder lines have been well known in over 35 countries worldwide.