Kashmir has potential for poultry industry

08-05-2006 | |

Sampoorna Feeds and American Soybean Association-International Marketing conducted an ‘Animal Feed Seminar’ in the Indian Kashmir region where the local poultry farmers were informed about the advantages of Sampoorna feeds.

Pr. Scientist S C Gupta said the Sampoorna feeds have been developed in a way so that the birds get all nutrients in required quantity. He said farmers should feed crumbled or pelleted feeds to ensure all ingredients in balanced quantity.

Gupta dwelt at length on the disease of chicks and broilers and the preventive measures. He said a design of a shed that suits to the local climate could keep disease away from the poultry birds.

Dr Ramesh Thaper, consultant ASA-IM said in India even as there is tremendous production of soybean, so far the consumption is very low. “This is because the farmers are not properly educated about the advantages of the soybean,” he said.

In India the total production of soybean is 7 million tonnes while as the consumption is just 4 million tonnes.

N A Shah, director Animal Husbandry (J&K) said in order to relieve the local poultry farmers of the burden of Rs 2 (4.4 $cents) tax charged on every imported chick, the department will be giving the local poultry farmers chicks from its own hatcheries. “This would bring down the imports to the valley,” he said.