Kemin expands R&D facilities

27-04-2009 | |

On April 24, Kemin Industries organised a ceremony for its new innovation and technology centre that construction crews will begin building in Herentals, Belgium.

The new innovation and technology center will allow Kemin Europe to expand existing research and development activities as well as pioneer a new wave of science with the addition of several specialty labs and pilot test facilities. 

“The new innovation and technology centre is strategically designed with an open environment to allow for teamwork across functions within Kemin’s research and development team,” says Athan Katsanos, president of Kemin Agrifoods Europe. “Teamwork is a core Kemin value which has allowed the company to flourish and exceed customer expectations.”

The new facility will also house Kemin Europe’s Product Application Department, supporting innovation across departments for increased efficiency.

Chairman, RW Nelson, and President, Chris Nelson, commemorated the start of construction by lifting dirt from ground where the new innovation and technology center will be built.  A large billboard of the new innovation and technology centre was revealed, showing the crowd what the new facility will look like upon completion in March 2010. Upon completion, the Kemin Europe team will have an additional 1,700 square meters of laboratory space.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist