Kentucky chicken plant resumes after suspension

22-05-2007 | |

Work was recently suspended after a US Department of Agriculture inspection raised an unspecified concern at Perdue Farms’ plant in Cromwell, in Ohio County.

The plant was ordered to shut down once the chickens remaining at the facility were processed.
Spokeswoman for the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service, Amanda Eamich, said an inspector in the plant “did raise a concern about (the facility’s) ability to consistently produce a safe and wholesome product.”  Consequently, Perdue was given 72 hours to submit a plan to address the concern.
“They submitted their plan, which wasn’t entirely sufficient, and that’s when the suspension was (ordered),” Eamich said.
Perdue later submitted responses to USDA’s questions, which were accepted, said Julie DeYoung, Perdue spokesperson, though she did not specify what changes the facility had to make before operations resumed.
The Perdue Farms plant in western Kentucky has now resumed operations.
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