KFC architect to speak at Alltech Symposium

16-01-2008 | |

Animal nutrition company, Alltech, welcomes John Y. Brown Jr. as a speaker at its 24th International Feed Industry Symposium to be held in Lexington, Kentucky April 20-23, 2008.

Brown, a former governor of Kentucky, is credited with launching the popularity of the fast food industry as a result of his ties to Kentucky Fried Chicken, a brand he helped grow to become universally known.
KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders, sold his interest in the US portion of the company in 1964 to a group of investors led by Brown for US$2 mln. The price grew to $285 million15 years later when the company was acquired by Heublein, Inc. There were over 3,500 company-owned and franchised KFC restaurants worldwide.
“I’m so excited that John Y. Brown is going to be taking part in Alltech’s Symposium,” said Dr Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “We as a company are working towards becoming the first nutritional superbrand and it’s a natural fit to have someone who has been recognised by Harvard Business School as a Great American Business Leader sharing his knowledge on the subject with us and others in our industry.”
The theme for Alltech’s Symposium will be “The Greenest Generation,” and the event will focus on how agriculture will capture consumer confidence and be recognised as a guardian of the environment while maximising animal performance.
For more information, e-mail: symposium@alltech.com
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