KFC denies selling twisters in $10 m case

12-08-2009 | |

Sales records contradict a father’s evidence of buying a KFC chicken twister at the centre of his daughter’s $10 mln damages case, a judge has been told.

ABC News recently reported that an 11-year-old girl in Sydney, Australia, claimed she developed salmonella poisoning from a twister from one of KFC’s restaurants, suing the chain for just over $10 mln.

In the NSW Supreme Court, however, Ian Barker, QC for the fast food outlet, said documents showed conclusively “no twisters were bought in the relevant period”.

Monika Samaan, now 11, is suing KFC – through her father Amanwial Samaan – claiming she developed salmonella poisoning from a twister bought by him on October 24, 2005.

KFC has denied being responsible for her illness, which has reportedly effectively left the girl a quadriplegic and severely brain damaged.

Mr Samaan recently gave evidence in the Sydney court of picking up the then 7-year-old Monika and her brother, after school on October 24. He said they then went to the Villawood KFC outlet in Sydney, where he bought his daughter the twister and his son a burger, before they went home and ate the food.

Mr Samaan has yet to be cross-examined.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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